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On Abolition wya you can post items to appear on this site.

You will need to sign up for an account to be able to submit items. We just need a valid email address and a username to get you started, remember to check your email for login details for this site.

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Once you have an account, use the create content link on the left to add new items. All content will be moderated before publishing on this site. So don't worry if your items don't appear on the site instantly. We aim to check it is appropriate and publish it within one week of it being posted to us.

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You can look at the items you have posted in your tracker. Use the 'My account' link on the left and select the track tab on the next page.

Our submission policy

We will not post any racist, sexist, offensive or pornographic content, so don't send it to us. We also don't post advertisments, but you can link to us or add your site to our Links section.

Please note that by submitting your artwork, whilst you retain copyright, you agree for it to be used on the project website, in the education pack, exhibition and any other materials created for or about this project or about the organisations involved. We will not use your artwork for any other purpose, including for profit, without your specific permission.


Please only submit items that you own the copyright to or is already in the public domain.

If you have created the content then you will still own the copyright. When you post items to our site you are agreeing to Abolition wya using the items as is.

Report a concern

You can report content you feel is offensive, or inapropriate so our moderators can check it. Use the
'Flag as offensive' link that is on the item pages. Our moderators judgment is final, and we reserve the right to allow or deny what content is posted.