Slavery by Sanesh and Maya


These chains are wearing my black skin away,
I pray to see my family again one day,
It’s all because of this simple word,
Over a colour, it seems so absurd.

The air is tainted with hate over here,
In Africa the air so fresh and so clear,
Why is it so difficult for these people to comprehend?
Trying to change my colour I feel so pretend.

The chains on my legs are weighing me down,
At this moment I feel lower than the ground,
Blood leaks and drips all over my back,
As a race, I feel we are under attack.

I haven’t in days I’m all skin and bone,
I really need my family I feel so alone,
These people have held me captive for what seems to be forever,
I wonder when I will get out of here, it seems almost never.